Things You Should Know About Wheelchair Ramps


Not every homes can be considered wheel-chair friendly. In the event that a member of the family requires the use of a wheelchair, they may perform a tiny upgrade on their house; however, it may cost them a lot of money. In case that your current budget will not be sufficient to support the proper mobility of your loved ones, Wheelchair Ramps will prove to be an effective solution.

ADA of 1990 supports the safety and the accessibility of persons with disability by providing rules and regulations in installing mobility devices in public places. The Act does not necessarily obliged every individual to install Wheelchair Ramps on private space such as your house, but it can serve as your guideline in order to create a solution that is easy to use and safe. The ADA of 1990 clearly states the proper measurement of width, capacity and other factors such as ramp angle and handrails are just some of the things that you should consider when building or buying Wheelchair Ramps that you can use in your home.

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Different Kinds of Wheelchair Ramps

When you are looking for Wheelchair Ramps that you can use at your home, you have a lot of options to choose from. This should be dependent on the place that you are planning to use them.

  • Doorway- The ramps in the doorway highly varies when it comes to length. This is usually contingent upon the number of steps that needs to be covered by the ramps.

  • Shower-Shower ramps are considerable shorter compared to other types of ramps. This is typically installed to avoid the small step that is traditionally in front of the shower room. The colour of the ramps is also considered to blend well with the surface of the shower.

  • Exterior Access- If you want to get out of the hour (or in), the exterior access Wheelchair Ramps should help you. It is a longer type of ramp that is manufactured from sturdy material such as aluminium.

  • Threshold- It is also a short type of Wheelchair Ramps that is used to get rid of the small step on the threshold. It is usually made from light weight but durable materials.

Things to Consider When Buying Wheelchair Ramps

The length of the Wheelchair Ramps that you will install in your house should be based on the size of the wheelchair and also the size of the floor. It should be highly based on the angle of the ramp. The ADA of 1990 highly recommends that the slope should have a ratio of 1:12. The minimum measurement of the width is also advice to measure at least 36 inches. If you are not planning to install a handrail on your ramp, be sure to have wheel guard on the opposing side that will prevent the wheel chair from going on the edge of the ramp.

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