Wheel Chairs Overview.

A wheelchair with wheels that is used by people who cannot walk because they are disabled, sick, or injured or alternatively a chair mounted on wheels for use by persons who cannot walk.
The device comes in variations allowing either manual propulsion by the seated occupant turning the rear wheels by hand, or electric propulsion by motors. There are often handles behind the seat to allow it to be pushed by another person.
A basic manual wheelchair incorporates a seat, foot rests and four wheels: two caster wheels at the front and two large wheels at the back. The two larger wheels in the back usually have handrims; two metal or plastic circles approximately 3/4″ thick. The handrims have a diameter normally only slightly smaller than the wheels they are attached to. Most wheelchairs have two push handles at the top of the back to allow for manual propulsion by a second person.
There are many different types of wheelchairs obtainable on the market today. With so many options built for different purposes, people are able to select the types that are best for their needs examples includes:
Wheelchairs in the form of “Transit” and “Companion” are good for the user that is on the go and has someone to push them.

All transport wheelchairs usually have small wheels which disallows the user to push him/herself. However, these small wheels make the chair extremely easy to maneuver through tight quarters.

Transport wheelchairs make it easier for pushers because they are light to lift and easy to push.

A standard manual wheelchair is a basic chair with self-propelling feature. It has two small wheels in the front and two large ones in the back. These large wheels allows for users self-push.

Standard wheelchairs are fully portable and can be disjointed making them easy to travel and stow away. These wheelchairs come in different seat widths with different weight capabilities so that it can suit individual.

Standard wheelchairs have a combine feature for users who may want to push themselves
sometimes and have their caregiver push them at some other times.

Lightweight wheelchairs usually come as a manual wheelchairs.

These wheelchairs are much lighter in weight making it easier for transportation .We have everything from simple, economical lightweight wheelchairs to ones that you can choose diverse options on.

These wheelchairs are built in two types, fixed frame and folding frame.

These wheelchairs are specially constructed for those users who necessarily need to be in a wheelchair at all times. They are super lightweight to make it easy for its users to get around on a daily basis.

The user is measured in detail to provide a comfortable seating position that will not compromise normal activities such as pushing themselves around.

Heavy duty wheelchairs have a greater weight and size capacity than standard wheelchairs. In addition to standard wheelchairs, transport wheelchairs also come in heavy duty models.

The seats of heavy duty wheelchairs are available in larger sizes so it can accommodate users of various sizes and weight capacities.

Sport wheelchairs provide users with a tremendous maneuverability and control like the ability to play basketball, rugby, tennis or stay active as their heart desires. Just because an individual is confined to a wheelchair does not mean restrict their life from almost all the types of pleasures life can offer.

These sport wheelchairs are customized so that it meets the user’s specific needs.


Tilt wheelchairs allow the caregiver to tilt the wheelchair in the correct position for the user.

This type of wheelchair is one in which you choose from a great deal of options so that the chair is customized for the user.

With these type of wheelchair the user can wheel into the shower. It also has a commode opening so the individual does not have to be moved from shower chair to commode. This waterproof wheelchair is manufactured in a choice of wheel/castor combinations.

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