What Is The Best Stairlift Rental / Residential Elevator?

Advancement in age or physical injuries can make it difficult for you to use your home’s staircase safely. To ensure that you do not have to limit your movement to the ground floor in the house you can turn to the use of a suitable and reliable stairlift rental/residential elevator. These elevators are designed to get users up and down a flight of stairs safely and conveniently. They provide a great solution for users struggling with staircase use at home, indoors or outdoors.

Read on to find out how to choose the best stairlift rental/residential elevator to solve your problem.


When shopping for a stairlift rental/residential elevator, you will find a wide range of different designs. Home stair lift systems come in two main types; straight or curved. Users should choose the most suitable option considering the design of their home’s stair case. Straight stair lifts are designed to move up and down the stair case in a straight line. On the other hand, curved stair lift systems are designed to move along the stair case following its curved shape. Choose a stair lift system with your home’s stair case design in mind.


The best stairlift rental/residential elevator should accommodate the user in terms of size with no comfort issues. Stair lift systems come in a number of different sizes. Users can, therefore, choose the best alternative as per their requirements. Larger, heavy duty units are available for bigger users. Note that choosing the right size has a bearing on comfortable use as well as reliability and durability of the stair lift chosen.


Using a stair lift system at home should be comfortable. Remember that you are purchasing one to make the task of getting up and down the stairs much easier and convenient. The best stairlift rental/residential elevator should be comfortable for the user. Look for comfort features including foot plates, arm and head rests and a comfy seating space. This ensures that the users do not avoid using the system due to discomfort.


The best stairlift rental/residential elevator should come with a convenient and easy to use a set of controls. Most units come with easy to reach controls usually located on the armrests. It is also important to consider any other controls that can be used off the seat; for instance, to bring it from one end of the stair case to the other without a passenger on board.

Power source

Stair lifts are electric powered; this is either through a rechargeable battery or AC power source. Battery powered stairlift rental/residential elevator enables use even when the power is out. This is a great added benefit.

A Stairlift rental/residential elevator is an added expense to your cost of living, choosing the best one ensures you get value for your money.