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The Benefits Offered by a Portable Wheelchair Ramp

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A portable wheelchair ramp offers those in wheelchairs better accesses to their homes, and businesses. With the ease of use, these ramps help individuals get back a sense of independence that they once had. They make it easier to get indoors and out. If you’ve been thinking about getting a portable wheelchair ramp for your home, you may be interested in learning the benefits offered by them.

Ramps can help to increase the means of mobility around the house, especially when you have uneven surfaces indoors such as stairs or bumps along the way. They also help when you are on the go and travelling in a vehicle like a truck or van.

What is a Portable Wheelchair Ramp?

A portable style of ramp allows you to gain access to uneven surfaces and staircases easier by allowing you to construct your ramp over the obstacle. They are also beneficial for those that travel in taller vehicles such as a van or truck. A portable wheelchair ramp, allows those in a wheelchair to get out of their vehicles, over short steps or even accessing their home without the assistance of a family member.

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Temporary wheelchair ramp

Types of Portable Wheelchair Ramps

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Transportable wheelchair ramp on wheels

There are a few different options when you are searching for a portable wheelchair ramp, they include

  • Shower Wheelchair Ramps: This style of ramps is for use in walk-in showers that have a slight uneven surface. They are small and often times blend into your bathroom décor.

  • Threshold Wheelchair Ramps: this type of ramp is used to bridge a threshold that is raised. They are typically lighter in weight, shorter and usually only provide a slight raise.

  • Doorway Wheelchair Ramps: these ramps are usually sold or even panel style ramps, which come in a variety of lengths to fit where you need to use them.

  • Outdoor Wheelchair Ramps: these ramps help you get in and out of your home; they are usually made of aluminium and are often times longer in length.

When you are choosing a portable wheelchair ramp for your home, you want to take into account any limitations you may have. You don’t want your ramp to be too high or steep for you to use. This may require additional upper body strength that you simply don’t have. Consider the incline of the ramp to ensure it’s possible for your chair to go up it easily without tipping.


Finding the right portable wheelchair ramp is easy when you consider all the possibilities before purchasing it. Make sure you review the guidelines or any rules set forth by your city before you install your ramp. You don’t want to break any code regulations by installing it in your home.

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